About Us

Our Mission

To relieve and prevent unemployment among Aboriginal people in Winnipeg, and help them to achieve self-sufficiency by providing education and training, employment services, and support programs, such as counselling, daycare, and housing; and

To do all such things ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above purpose.

Our Vision

Aboriginal people in Winnipeg have a future of increased economic prosperity and self-sufficiency.

Our Goals

> To provide quality adult education, post secondary education, trades training, daycare facilities, and student transitional housing as needed.

> To provide employment and education services to approximately 2,400 people per year.

> To place an average of 800 people per year in successful employment.

> To train 500 people per year.

> To continue to meet or to exceed our vision, our mandate and our goals on a yearly basis.

People per year who will receive our employment services

People per tear who will be placed in successful employment

People per year who will receive our education and training