Employment Services

CAHRD offers comprehensive services to job-seekers that can lead directly to employment through job preparation (interview skills, resumé workshops, job referrals) or by creating a strategy for employment through further education and training.

The friendly and professional staff from CAHRD’s three employment departments: Central Employment Services, Staffing Solutions and Aboriginal People with Disabilities Program are here for your assistance. They use the most current resources and methods available to help you become employed. Employment Counsellors from each department are available to discuss your options, and help determine the best plan of action suitable to your needs, whether it be additional upgrading, or referral directly into a training program.

CAHRD offers free orientation sessions every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. and Thursday at 1:00 p.m. for anyone interested in learning more about our education and employment services. Please call ahead since the sessions fill up quickly (204) 989 7110.

The best part of our services? Everything is free of charge.

Want to know what our Client Intake Process is? Click on the image above for a visual reference!

Central Employment Services

Central Employment Services offer assistance to Aboriginal people seeking different career options, including referrals to education and training, job search strategies, workshops, and resumé preparation.

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Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions assists Aboriginal graduates from high school, college, or university and other recognized training programs to find meaningful employment in their occupation of choice.

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Aboriginal People With Disabilities Program

Aboriginal People with Disabilities Program provides specialized education, training and employment services to individuals with disabilities within Winnipeg’s urban Aboriginal community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Employment Services? Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on a question, where the answer will appear below. We also have additional FAQ’s in our Education & Training section.

Can CAHRD help me find employment, update/fix my resume, or help me with interviews?

Yes, CAHRD provides One-on-One Counselling Services through our Central Employment Services. During the initial meeting, an Employment Counsellor will conduct an individual personal assessment to identify your marketable skills. They will assist you in overcoming any barriers that may limit your employment opportunities and discuss an action plan for successfully attaining your personal career goals.

What kind of workshops does CAHRD provide to help me find future employment?

CAHRD provides Workshops which help provide assistance with:
– Job Referrals
– Resumés
– Cover letters
– Interview skills
– Mock Practice interviews

Does CAHRD provide Employment Counselling to local Aboriginal communities?

Yes, CAHRD provides Community Employment Counselling through James Trimble – Community Employment Counsellor. For more information, please call the CAHRD main office at (204) 989-7110.

Does CAHRD provide services for Aboriginal People with Disabilities?

Yes, CAHRD provides the Aboriginal People with Disabilities Program which offers pre-employment preparation for urban Aboriginal people with disabilities. Services include referrals to skills enhancement workshops, employment referrals, access to education and training information, supportive one-on-one counselling, a computer resource centre, community outreach, and referrals to outside support agencies.

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