2015 ACC Grad Fashion Show Portraits

May 20th, 2015 РThe 2015 ACC Grad Fashion Show brought our Aboriginal Community Campus graduating class together for a show of confidence and grace as they walked the runway in the latest formal trends. Formal wear was provided by Gowns for Grads Winnipeg as well donations from the Community.

When our students started off at CAHRD, many of them were too shy to have their photo taken. Now, with the skills and confidence instilled in them by the teachers and staff at CAHRD, see the transformation our 2015 ACC graduating students have undergone as they come into their own, ready to take on the world!

Congratulations to each of you for working towards your goals and achieving them! All the best for the future!

Don’t forget to check out the slideshow of the same portraits! Click on the link below to view: