Published: May 17, 2017
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ORDER DATE..................................:      May 16, 2017

JOB TITLE........................................:      TRIBAL HOME AND COMMUNITY CARE COORDINATOR


NUMBER OF POSITIONS..............:        1

POSITION TYPE.............................:        PERMANENT, FULL-TIME, 40 HOURS/WEEK

Health Services for a group of southwestern Manitoba First Nations is seeking a Tribal Home & Community Care Coordinator.

Under the direction and guidance of the Director of Health, the Tribal Home and Community Care Coordinator will actively work with the member Bands in the planning, development and implementation of the First Nation and Inuit Home and Community Care Program (HCCP).


The Tribal Home and Community Care Coordinator will provide consultation and recommendations for the establishment of processes to support the delivery of a second level services to First Nations. The second level function includes but is not limited to:

i) Strategy for ensuring quality care that includes client satisfaction, scope of practice, and accreditation process

ii) Monitoring of liability issues as they may relate to occupational health, risk management of client care services within the community

iii. Clinical expertise and practice support for Home and Community Care providers and managers

iv. Systems to support trend analysis, evaluation, accountability requirements, nursing requirements, ongoing training activities, capital replacement, distribution processes to support timely access to the appropriate supplies and equipment to support program delivery.

Key Activities

Assist First Nations and Inuit Health in the ongoing development of an awareness strategy and communication plan on the First Nations Home & Community Care Program by making presentations to Child and Council, holding workshops on home and community care, preparing information resources, and public speaking at meetings in communities.

1) Assist community groups in the planning and development of their Home and Community Care proposals such as home and community care needs assessment, home care plans, training plans, and capital plans

2) Coordinate and participate in their development of training and capital plans for the peer review process and make recommendations based on based on community needs

3) Responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the member Bands continuing progress through community visitations, meetings, and workshops

4) Ensure that each community produces written reports in order to help them increase their capacity to develop and implement programs and provide information on what has been done with respect to Home and Community Care Program

5) Orientate First Nations to the responsibilities and requirements of the contribution agreement for the Home and Community Care Program, including goals, objectives, financial controls and reports

6) Participate in all planning and implementation and regional committee meetings in order to report on project status and/or any special circumstances happening in the Tribal Council area

7) Collaborate and network with representatives of the various federal departments, provincial government, professional associations and other non-government organizations for the purposes of a single-window access to all continuing care services i.e. INAC

8) Facilitate networking and collaborative training for capacity building and professional development with all First Nation home and community care programs

9) Analyze and interpret regional, provincial, health, environmental and social trends, with a view to contributing the planning activities and implementation, and evaluation of Home and Community Care policies and programs for Manitoba Region

10) To ensure that the community and Tribal Council program work plans are prepared collaboratively to include the level of planning activities and implementation that will occur for each fiscal year

11) To assist, participate and oversee the development and approval of the capital, training, planning, implementation, and evaluation plans for the region

12) Collaborate with the regional program in developing a comprehensive communication plan that promotes effective working relationships throughout the process at the regional, provincial, tribal council and community levels

13) Collaborate with key health services personnel in First Nations and Inuit Health for the purposes of program planning, monthly reporting, and evaluation of other program issues in the Home and Community Care Program

Qualifications (including, but not limited to)

  • Must hold an active Practice Registration and be in good standing with the appropriate nursing institution of Manitoba
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing is preferred, Registered Nurses
  • Demonstrated expertise in home and community care planning, programming, and community development knowledge
  • Knowledge of scope of practice issues, liability and standards of the nursing profession
  • Knowledge of other linkages with the HCCP, i.e. Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) Strategy, INAC's In Home Care Program
  • Previous working experience with First Nation, and a demonstrated understanding of the health and social issues encountered and experienced by First Nations is desired
  • Experience or knowledge of electronic Service Delivery Reporting Template (e-SDRT) and electronic Human Resource Tracking Tool (e-HRTT)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Benefits of Applying

  • Accumulated Annual Leave Credits first year of employment (15 days/year)
  • Company cellphone provided
  • Company vehicle provided with fuel card for work related travel

Please contact (CAHRD) Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development at 204-989-7110.

This job advertisement has been provided by an external employer/partner. (CAHRD) Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development is not responsible for the accuracy, authenticity or reliability of the content.

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