Manitoba Aboriginal Health & Safety Initiative


Welcome to the Manitoba Aboriginal Health & Safety Initiative Website!

The Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) Inc., as lead organization in partnership with the Northern Manitoba Sector Council (NMSC) and the University of Winnipeg, is pleased to be developing the Manitoba Aboriginal Health & Safety Initiative (MAHSI).

What is MAHSI?

MAHSI is a 2-year project supported by a grant from the Research Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP) of the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba. MAHSI’s primary goal is to help prevent workplace-related injury and illness for Aboriginal workers; it will do this by developing an Online Learning Centre (OLC) that provides culturally appropriate health and safety training resources for Aboriginal workers, employers of Aboriginal workers, Unions, Aboriginal organizations, and employment preparation programs. The OLC will house Essentials of Health and Safety, an online health and safety course for Aboriginal workers, as well as other health and safety resources, cultural awareness resources, trainer materials, and employment information.

How will the MAHSI be developed?

MAHSI and it’s all of resources are being developed with extensive input from all stakeholder groups across Manitoba, particularly Northern Manitoba. The MAHSI has 4 phases:

  1. Planning & Research
  2. Development
  3. Implementation
  4. Evaluation and Sustainability

Stakeholder groups will be involved in all these phases.

How Can I Keep Informed About MAHSI?

Links to the MAHSI e-newsletters, current and previous, are on the right-side of this page. Newsletters will be posted quarterly in 2015 (March, June, September, and December). The website will be updated often, so check back often! For additional information about MAHSI please email or visit the official website at:

Visit our Partner Websites:

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Project Supporters:


Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Canadian Tool and Die Ltd.

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Lafarge Canada Inc.

Magellan Aerospace

Manitoba Aerospace

Manitoba Building &

Construction Trades Council

Manitoba Construction Sector Council

Manitoba Homebuilders Association

Monarch Industries Ltd.

New Flyer Industries Canada

Safety Services Manitoba

Standard Aero

Standard Manufacturers Services Limited

Technologies for Learning Group (TLG)

Northern Manitoba Sector Council:

Alexis Minerals

CaNickel Mining Ltd.



Manitoba Hydro

Mega Precious Metals

Spruce Products Ltd.

Tolko Industries


Victory Nickel Inc.

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