Neeginan Learning & Literacy Centre

The Neeginan Learning & Literacy Centre is a holistic learning environment designed to provide relevant programming to adult learners in the Winnipeg Aboriginal community. They believe in building stronger communities one family at a time.

Participants in the program are provided with instruction in language arts, including reading, writing, and spelling. The program also provides instruction in numeracy, mathematics, science and social sciences. We offer small and large group instruction, one-on-one and computer assisted learning to better help learners of all levels. The program also provides opportunity for community development and volunteerism.

All new applicants must complete a Level Placement Test (LPT) to help determine their academic level. The Level Placement test is conducted in a group setting. They are held every Monday and Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in room 304.

Program Supports

CAHRD offers a variety of supports services for students attending our education and training programs:

  • Experienced, respectful, and certified teachers
  • Access to employment, academic and personal counselling
  • Library facilities
  • Computer lab and internet access
  • Tutoring available every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Guest speakers & workshops
  • Advocacy with external agencies
  • Application assistance to post-secondary institutions
  • Medical and counselling referrals

In addition to these resources, CAHRD ensures a holistic learning environment for students by offering on-site daycare, housing services, and personal health and fitness programs.  To learn more about these programs and services, visit our Support Services section.

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