Aboriginal People With Disabilities Program

The Aboriginal People With Disabilities Program provides assistance to urban Aboriginal people with disabilities, with customized services including access to employment or training programs, and referrals to outside agencies in the City of Winnipeg with disability programs and services.

Employment Counsellors offer such services as:

  • In-house counselling
  • Referrals to employment or training services and programs
  • Local resources to other disabilities’ services or programs
  • Assistance with identifying employment goals
  • Job preparation and resumé assistance

Aboriginal Disabled Self-Help Group (ADSHG)

In addition, this program works closely in conjunction with the  Aboriginal Disabled Self-Help Group (ADSHG), a group founded in 1996 to deal specifically with the issues that Aboriginal people with disabilities face on a day-to-day basis.  Offering advice and consultation to CAHRD, the group takes a leadership role in bringing greater awareness to the needs of individuals with disabilities from the Aboriginal community of Winnipeg.

ADSHG Goals and Objectives:

  • To establish contact with Aboriginal people with disabilities in Winnipeg and encourage them to join the Aboriginal Disabled Self-Help Group.
  • To strive to make positive changes for Aboriginal people with disabilities in employment, training, and/or education.
  • To provide information on services offered to Aboriginal people with disabilities and to provide culturally appropriate and recreational events for Aboriginal people with disabilities.

By conducting information and awareness sessions with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups, agencies and organizations, the ADSHG will enhance the profile of the Aboriginal Disabled Self-Help Group and the Aboriginal People with Disabilities Program.

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